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Bollywood singer Mahalaxmi Iyer commenting on Geetanjali Singers

Geetanjali performs with a full orchestra consisting of former Bollywood musicians from all over the United States (also known as "Geetanjali Live"), and with karaoke tracks for shows with a lower budget but equally high demand of entertainment (fondly called "Geetanjali Lite"). To add flair to the shows, all the tracks are remastered and frequently presented as medleys. Simultaneous visual projection of the songs or live dancers are added perks that are offered for shows if needed.

Geetanjali Music Lite: This category of performances is the lite version of its live orchestra counterpart, although it is equally power-packed and lively. We perform a whole plethora of songs from the 50's to the current hits to suit every mood, including bhangda, ghazals and regional songs. What makes this the 'lite' version is that we do everything with karaoke tracks. We serve up remixes and specially created medleys for every occasion to augment the musical experience and get close to the live orchestra feel. With over 10,000 tracks at our disposal, we can ensure you have a great time and you get to hear all your favorite songs.

Geetanjali Music Live: This category of performances is high-octane with a full orchestra of stellar musicians who have previously played for Bollywood music directors. With Geetanjali Live, we can accommodate a gamut of song requests and add our own spin to every song that we perform.

We usually perform with musicians from Chicago and New York-New Jersey area. Here are a few of our accompanying musicians.

Why us?

We are the only musical group in the USA to our knowledge that offers a bouquet of:

  • Live Musical performances with mastered Karaoke tracks or with live ex-Bollywood musicians
  • A range of songs from Bollywood to Hollywood, Ghazals, sufi, bhangda, non stop medleys and much more
  • Stand up comedy
  • Mimicry
  • Sher - o - Shayari
  • Medical Parodies
  • Antakshari Program with audio and video clips which is always a crowd favorite
  • Back up dancers
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