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Bappi Lahiri's encouragement for aparajita who sang with him

Kavita Krishnamurthy commenting on Amit Chakrabarty opening for her show

Bollywood Celebrity Singer Mahalaxmi Iyer commenting on the Performance of Geetanjali singers

Bollywood Celebrity Singer Jolly Mukherjee commenting on the Performance of Geetanjali singers

Hi Amit
It was one of the best programs IPOF has done.  Everyone enjoyed your splendid performance as usual.
Dr. Mudit Jain, Ft. Lauderdale, 2009

Here are some pics from your wichita concert on 30th march 2013. It was a great  performance by you and Aparajita, and me and Dron enjoyed each and every moment of time spent together with you.
                                                    Ushi Chaturvedi., Wichita, Ks

We can't thank you enough for what you did to entertain all of us.  We hope to see you perform again some time soon. Thank you.
                      Sunita Reddy.  AAPI Cruise entertainment program

Awesome job! Crowd loved you and Aparajita. You will be getting a few offers from McAllen soon!
Dr. Murthy Badiga

Kichoo bolaar nai.........sala ki gaan korecho Dada    oopoorbo...durdanto....phataphati...!!
Tomar Maye aar onno maye ta oo ookek bhaalo gaan kore...!!
Anurag Mathur

You all put the efforts and we sat ate and enjoyed and commented. Thanks for the nice program by you and your family
Our best wishes to your daughter Aparajitha she should try american idol or Indian idol and I am not kidding
Thanks once again
Shivakumar, Rohini, Uma, Krishna