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Geetanjali Live.....

India Festival, Huntsville, Al

Offering Complete Entertainment with Live & Karaoke based Musical shows

Geetanjali was founded in Huntsville, Alabama, USA by Dr. Amit Chakrabarty in August 1997. The group presents live musical shows extensively around USA and it has also performed in several shows abroad. They perform mainly old and new Hindi filmi songs but with a variety of regional songs on demand.

We provide the complete entertainment package for any event and we offer everything from the timeless gems of the yesteryear to the contemporary chartbusters with a splattering of comedy, mimicry, sher-o-shayari and hilarious musical parodies.

We perform with mastered and remixed tracks or live orchestra as the situation demands.

Overall the mantra for the group is to deliver "Poori Masti Jee Bharke" - " All round Entertainment to the Hilt

Interested? Well, click on About Us for more on what we do.

Aparajita recording her Bollywood Debut song from the movie "Ladies First".

Aparajita and Amit

IAUA Banquet

Washington DC, 2012

Amit Live


Ranchi, India, 2015

Aparajita and Moinak

IMC Valentine's Day,

St. Louis, 2015

Sadhna and Amit


Atlanta, GA, 2014

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